At Master Marine Construction, you can rest assured that Quality Workmanship is our Commitment – NOT just a sales pitch.

Dock Construction

Master Marine Construction builds docks that last! Whether you need a new dock or refurbished dock; our standard construction design includes applications that far exceed other dock builders. Every cut, every joint, and every board are perfectly fit together by an experienced Master Marine crew that takes pride in their workmanship. The basic elements of your dock construction which includes piles, stingers, pile caps, and decking will be installed correctly using the highest quality materials available. This gives your new dock the best chance of survival in the HARSH Florida environment .


Master Marine Construction, will install your pressure-treated wood piles and or ECO (composite) piles with a minimum embedment of 10-15’. Your new dock piles will be installed using a 900 lb hammer which ensures a proper embedment.

TIP: Don’t hire a dock company that installs piles using the jetting method alone!
Master Marine Construction, provides pile wraps to keep wood borers from destroying the piles. All piles are properly wrapped with a black polyethylene material, 030 thickness, and secured to the piles using stainless steel nails and heavy-duty wire ties.


Master Marine Construction’s standard design includes “doubled” outside pressure treated wood stringers and closely spaced center stringers. All stringers and pile caps are secured to the new piles using a 5/8” stainless steel threaded rod, washers, and nuts. In addition, stainless steel hurricane clips are used to secure the stringers to the pile caps.

TIP: The Master Marine dock design will help minimize wood warping and splintering over time.


Master Marine Construction installs HIGH-QUALITY pressure-treated wood decking or composite decking. Wood decking may be treated with a water-based sealer or stain to help ensure its lifespan. Composite decking is virtually maintenance-free and is available in many different colors including a “weathered wood” appearance. ALL decking is secured to the stringers using stainless steel screws.

TIP: Never use just nails to secure the decking – only stainless-steel screws.


Master Marine Construction offers beautiful railings to compliment your dock. Pressure-treated wood picket style railings and or rope rails are offered to provide individual stability, support, and protection from falls.

Dock Plumbing

Master Marine Construction can provide and install PVC main water service and branch lines leading to hose bibs, fish cleaning tables, outdoor showers, bar areas, controls and any other water needs.

Dock Electrical

Master Marine Construction can provide you with electrical services on your dock completed by fully licensed and insured electricians. Electrical service on docks may include power panels, lighting, underwater lighting, under-counter refrigerators, televisions, internet cabling, outlets, and more…

TIP: All Electrical Work Should Be Completed By A Licensed Electrical Subcontractor.

Dock Accessories

Master Marine Construction can supply and install the following accessories on your new dock:

Fish Cleaning Tables
Fiberglass Dock Boxes
Dock Ladders

Pile Bumper Guards
Grab Handles
Hose Holders
Mooring Whips

Dock Lighting

Master Marine Construction is a distributor of Hydro-Glow dock lighting products and can supply all types of LED style dock lights to include:

Piling Cap Lights
Pagoda Lights
Deck Solar Lights
LED Deck Lighting

Underwater Lights
Low Voltage Deck Lighting
Nautical Lights and more….

Boathouse Construction

Master Marine Construction builds boathouses that last! Our standard design includes construction aspects that our competitors normally do not offer as a standard. A basic boathouse is comprised of piles, roof bands, rafters, fascia, and roofing. When all these components are installed in the right way your boathouse has the best chance of survival in the “elements” including a major storm or hurricane.

Floating Docks & Gangways

Master Marine Construction builds the finest floating dock in the industry! Our floating docks are heavy and extremely stable. A properly built floating dock is imperative if you want to withstand the constant impact of boat wakes that you may experience over time as well as the harsh Florida environment. As with our fixed docks, your new floating dock will be constructed with the highest quality pressure treated wood materials and foam-filled polyethylene dock floats all secured with stainless steel fasteners.
All floating docks are secured to a set of “independent” piles using aluminum mounting rings fastened with stainless steel hardware.
Access to your new floating dock is achieved with an all-aluminum gangway attached to the dock platform using stainless steel hardware. The gangway is “all-welded” ensuring the utmost in strength, quality, and functionality while providing an attractive finish.
Floating docks may be accessorized with bumper guards, cleats, low profile access ladders, and mooring whips.

TIP: a poorly designed and constructed floating dock will not last in a full “wake zone” area.

Boat Lift Construction

Master Marine offers the finest and most reliable boat lifts for any size and type of boat including personal watercraft and kayaks. Custom lift designs are also available if your application requires special considerations. All boat lifts come standard with a new GEM Remote control box and handheld transmitters that provide remote operation of your boat lift. Boat lifts can also be designed with a limit switch that will keep you in control of how high or low the boat lift cradles can travel. Boat lifts can be accessorized with walk boards, steps, and tide guides. Whether you need a replacement boat lift or a new lift – Master Marine can supply and install, including electrical.

Tip: Don’t undersize your new boat capacity – you never know when you might get that “ larger boat fever” in the future.

Bulkhead Construction

A Master Marine Construction bulkhead is designed and built to last! Bulkheading requires specific construction applications to provide the strength needed to avoid erosion issues.
Our bulkheads consist of pressure-treated wood piles, a series of horizontal pressure-treated wood walers installed along the bottom, middle and top sides of the wall, stainless steel tiebacks, and dead-man anchoring. Bulkhead walls can be constructed of either composite vinyl or pressure-treated wood cribbing all vibrated in place using our special pile driver. Bulkhead walls can be aesthetically capped with either pressure-treated wood or concrete.

TIP: A bulkhead is a bulkhead! This is NOT a true statement! We’ve seen it all including bulkheads with vinyl walls and no support framing; no tiebacks; improper embedment depth of vinyl sheets; poor framing installation; use of non-corrosive fasteners; no erosion control fabric, and more…. These were installations performed by inexperienced companies and unfortunately, the property owner had to do it twice!

Pile Wraps

At Master Marine Construction our heavy-duty dock piling wrap helps to protect wood pilings from marine borers. Constructed from heavy-duty HDPE (high-density polyethylene) the materials are puncture and UV resistant. Master Marine Construction, Inc. ensures the pile wrap material is properly secured to the pile by using heavy-duty wire ties and stainless-steel nails.
Polywrap may be installed on all new wood dock piles before installation. Master Marine Construction Inc. can also wrap your existing piles.

Existing pile wrap installations include the following 4 step process:

  1. Inspection: Existing pilings are inspected by probing them to ensure their integrity.
  2. Cleaning: The stability of the current dock is ensured after we remove marine hard growth by scraping pilings down to bare wood.
  3. High-Density Wrap Layer: A high-density, polyethylene wrap is then added to completely encase your dock piles and to protect the sealant layer wrap!
  4. Secured: Our professionally trained divers secure wrap using 1-1/4″ stainless steel ring-shank nails along with heavy-duty wire ties.

TIP: Pile wraps are highly recommended on all new and existing docks. However, installing eco composite piles eliminates the need for pile wraps.

Service and Maintenance

Master Marine Construction is a “service after the sale” company! We are available to perform any required maintenance on your dock, boathouse, and or floating dock.

Master Marine Construction can also provide professional service on boat lifts to include:

  • Motor replacement
  • GEM Box control repair or replacement
  • Transmitter replacement
  • Grease fittings
  • Stainless steel cable replacement
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Bunk carpet replacement
  • Bunk replacement
  • Guide replacement

Detail And Accessories


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